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Tree Felling Prices

We are dedicated to bringing you excellent tree-felling prices in locations across South Africa like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Centurion, and Durban among others.

Seasoned tree fellers have the right set of skills to ensure total safety during the process whilst offering your budget-friendly rates.

  • With us, you’re not only benefiting from their experience but also significant savings on your expenses.

Our wide network includes local specialists who offer quality services at competitive rates.

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From simple trimming tasks to more complex large tree removals priced between R850 to R8 500 depending on the specifics of the job – there’s an expert ready for hire near you!

2024 Price Guide: Average Cost of Tree Services in South Africa

In this section, we will provide you with the average cost of various tree services in South Africa for the year 2024.

Affordable Tree Felling Prices in South Africa [Tree felling cost for 2024]

Finding affordable tree-felling services in South Africa has never been more attainable.

  • For those considering this service in 2024, the general pricing ranges from R850 to a maximum of R8 500.

This creates an opportunity for property owners to easily access a wide range of professional tree management services.

  • The average price for one tree ranges between R1 000 and R3 000 depending on the complexity of the job at hand.

Whether you’re based in Johannesburg or Pretoria – where costs can be determined by a quick property assessment – or elsewhere in the country, you’ll find competitive prices that won’t break your budget!

Affordable Tree Removal Prices in South Africa [Tree Removal Cost]

Affordable Tree Removal Prices in South Africa [Tree Removal Cost]

Tree removal costs in South Africa can be quite reasonable.

  • Local specialists provide services that span from stump grinding and removal to complete tree felling, with prices averaging between R1 000 and R3 000.

This cost varies depending on the size of the tree, accessibility of the location, and whether you require debris removal as well.

If you’re dealing with a particularly large or complex project, like removing an old oak tree or clearing an entire plot of land for construction purposes, professional tree fellers offer comprehensive packages.

  • These experts have up-to-date tools and relevant skills necessary to handle any arboricultural situation safely and efficiently.

Getting your trees professionally removed not only ensures quality work but also helps avoid potential damages or injuries associated with DIY attempts.

  • On top of offering affordable rates for their services, some companies even provide free estimates before getting started on the job.

Just send them your details along with a brief description of what needs doing and expect to receive a competitive quote within no time!

So next time you need affordable yet high-quality tree services in areas like Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town; remember there are plenty of pre-qualified local professionals available at your disposal!

Affordable Tree Cutting Prices in South Africa [Price List]

Tree cutting services in South Africa offer fantastic rates tailored to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with a small, overgrown garden or a significant landscape project, professionals have got you covered.

  • Average tree cutting prices typically range between R150 and R250 per man hour.
  • For those larger than life trees that require removal, expect costs from around R1 000 up to an upward limit of R3 000.

Be assured; that every penny spent guarantees high-quality workmanship and the safe extraction of unwanted trees.

  • If it’s an emergency service you need, specialists are on hand ready to respond swiftly without compromising on affordability.

So why not invest in preserving the beauty and safety of your environment today?

Affordable Tree Trimming Prices in South Africa [Average costs]

Tree trimming is an essential service for maintaining the health and appearance of your trees.

  • In South Africa, the average cost of tree trimming ranges from R150 to R250 per man hour.

The actual price may vary depending on factors such as the size of the tree, site conditions, and location.

  • On average, it can cost between R1 000 to R3 000 to trim one tree. Keep in mind that tree trimming services may charge either an hourly rate or a flat fee per tree.

Understanding these average costs can help you budget effectively when considering professional tree trimming services in South Africa.

Affordable Tree Pruning Prices in South Africa [Price Range]

Tree pruning prices in South Africa are quite affordable, with an average cost ranging from R150 to R250 per hour.

  • This means that you can get professional tree pruning services without breaking the bank.

Whether you need to trim overgrown branches or shape your trees for aesthetic reasons, there are options available within your budget. So don’t hesitate to invest in the health and beauty of your trees with these affordable tree pruning prices.

Affordable Stump Grinding & Removal Prices in South Africa [2024 Price Guide]

Looking for affordable stump grinding and removal prices in South Africa? In 2023, the average cost of stump grinding ranges from R900 to R4500 per stump.

  • Professionals may charge around R26.60 per inch of diameter for this service.

As for stump removal, you can expect to pay approximately R25 to R45 per diameter of the stump, with the total cost ranging from R900 to R4 500.

  • While DIY stump removal is an option, opting for professional services is recommended for safety reasons.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of unsightly stumps on your property without breaking the bank, consider these affordable options available in South Africa.

Affordable Palm Tree & Hedge Cutting Prices in South Africa

Service Average Cost
Palm Tree Cutting R200 per man hour
Hedge Cutting R150-R250 per man hour

Unpacking Tree Felling Prices in South Africa

Unpacking Tree Felling Prices in South Africa

Tree felling prices in South Africa can vary depending on several factors. On average, the cost of tree felling ranges from R850 to R8 500.

  • For small trees, you can expect to pay anywhere between R850 and R4 000, while medium-sized trees may cost between R2 500 and R6 000 to fell.

In addition to the actual cutting down of the tree, other services can affect the price. Tree pruning, reduction, and trimming typically range from R150 to R250 per man hour.

  • If you need tree debris removal, that could add an extra cost of around R150 to R250 per man-hour.

When it comes specifically to Johannesburg and Pretoria, tree felling prices generally fall within the range of R1 000 and R3 000 for a complete job including stump removal.

  • Remember that these figures are just averages and costs may vary depending on various circumstances such as location-specific prices or additional services required during the process.

It’s always recommended to request multiple quotes so that you have options and can find a service provider that fits your budget best without compromising quality workmanship.

What Affects the Pricing of Tree Felling?

Several factors can affect the pricing of tree felling. These include:

  1. Tree size: The size of the tree plays a significant role in determining the cost of felling. Larger trees require more effort and resources to remove, resulting in higher prices.
  2. Tree species or type: Different tree species vary in density, which affects the level of difficulty and time required for removal. Some species may have harder wood or complicated root systems, increasing the overall cost.
  3. Number of trees: The more trees that need to be removed, the higher the total cost. Removing multiple trees requires additional labour and equipment.
  4. Health and condition of the tree: Diseased or decaying trees are often more dangerous to remove as they can become unstable. Due to the added risk involved, removing unhealthy trees may result in higher prices.
  5. Physical obstacles: If there are buildings, power lines, or other structures near the tree, it can complicate the removal process and increase costs. Special equipment or techniques may be required to avoid damage to surrounding property.

Cost Comparison: DIY vs Hiring a Professional for Tree Services

Activity DIY Cost Professional Service Cost
Tree Felling Dependent on personal time and equipment investment. R850 to R8 500 based on the job type.
Tree Removal Depends heavily on tree size, equipment needed and disposal methods. Typically, R1500 to R3500 or more, dependent on the size of the tree.
Tree Trimming Depends on time and equipment but generally lower costs. Usually costs between R150 and R250 per man hour in South Africa.
Tree Pruning Varies based on tree size, time and equipment. Professional services determine the cost based on the complexity of the job.
Stump Grinding & Removal Depends on stump size, time and rental of a stump grinder. Professionals usually charge between R950 to R3500 for this service.
Palm Tree & Hedge Cutting Cost depends on time and equipment, but typically less expensive. Professional services may charge more due to the specialized equipment and knowledge required.

Advice for Lowering Your Tree Services Expenses

Advice for Lowering Your Tree Services Expenses

Lowering your tree services expenses is possible with these six expert tips:

  1. Get Multiple Quotes: Reach out to different tree service providers to compare prices and find the best deal for your budget.
  2. Schedule Off-Peak Seasons: Timing matters when it comes to tree services. Consider scheduling during off-peak seasons to potentially get lower rates.
  3. Opt for Partial Services: Instead of removing the entire tree, ask if it’s possible to only trim or prune the necessary sections. This can save you money while still maintaining your trees’ health.
  4. DIY Debris Removal: If the tree service doesn’t include debris removal, consider doing it yourself to save on additional costs. However, ensure you have proper equipment and knowledge for safe removal.
  5. Share Costs with Neighbours: If your neighbours also need tree services, try coordinating with them to split the costs. This can help reduce the financial burden for everyone involved.
  6. Regular Tree Maintenance: Investing in regular tree maintenance, such as pruning and trimming, can help prevent costly issues in the future. By keeping your trees healthy and well-maintained, you can potentially avoid more expensive services down the line.

Conclusion: Contact us for multiple tree felling quotes and land the best bargain! [FREE Estimates]

In conclusion, if you need tree felling services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for multiple quotes. We’ll help you find the best bargain and provide free estimates.

  • Get in touch with us today and ensure your tree felling needs are met at affordable prices.


1. How much does tree felling typically cost?

The cost of tree felling can vary depending on various factors such as the size and species of the tree, its location, accessibility, and any additional services required.

  • It is best to contact a professional arborist for an accurate quote.

2. What other factors can affect the price of tree felling?

In addition to the size and species of the tree, factors that can affect the price of tree felling include whether stump removal is included, if any obstacles or hazards near the tree could complicate the process, and if debris removal and cleanup services are included.

3. Can I get a free estimate for tree felling?

Many reputable tree service companies offer free estimates for their services.

  • It is advisable to contact multiple companies to compare prices and ensure you are getting a fair estimate before hiring someone for your tree felling needs.

4. Are there any additional costs associated with tree felling?

Depending on your specific circumstances, there may be additional costs associated with permits or permissions required from local authorities, especially if you live in a conservation area or protected land.

It is important to check with your local council or relevant governing body before proceeding with any tree felling work.

Tree felling prices South Africa

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