Explore our tree feller services platform to connect with a local Tree Felling Specialist who can help you with cutting, trimming, and tree removal

On our robust tree services platform, you can effortlessly connect with local Tree Felling Specialists ready to cater to your needs.

  • Their expansive skill set spans cutting, trimming, and ensuring safe and efficient tree removal.

No matter the size or complexity of the task at hand, they are well-equipped to handle it.

Moreover, our specialists extend their expertise towards other related services such as palm tree cleaning, site clearing & grubbing, crown lifting and precise tree pruning.

Whether it’s Tree Felling in Pretoria offering dedicated stump removal or Tree Felling Germiston providing 24/7 free quotes for any tree felling need – these professionals are committed to delivering top-notch service aimed at exceeding customer expectations every time.

Tree Felling

10 Benefits of choosing a professional Tree Felling company near me

  1. Safety: Professional tree fellers prioritize safety, ensuring that the tree removal process is carried out without risk to people or property damage.
  2. Expertise and Skill: Experienced tree fellers have honed their skills over years of service, guaranteeing precise cutting, efficient removal, and meticulous clean-up.
  3. Saves Time and Energy: With an expert team at work, you can save considerable time and energy that you might spend on attempting a DIY removal.
  4. Cost-Effective: While removing trees yourself might seem inexpensive initially, potential damage could escalate costs significantly. Hiring professionals is more cost-effective in the long run.
  5. Equipment: Professional tree fellers use modern tools suitable for safe and effective tree removal services.
  6. Insurance Coverage: Companies like Tree Felling Pretoria provide fully insured services which means if anything goes wrong during the process; they’ve got it covered!
  7. Tree Health Assessment: Tree felling companies offer assessment services to determine whether a tree needs complete removal or can be saved through treatment.
  8. Emergency Services: Most professional tree felling companies offer emergency services when unexpected situations arise such as storms or sudden falling trees.
  9. Legal Compliance: Professionals ensure compliance with local laws, permits, and regulations related to tree felling activities.
  10. Eco-Friendly Methods: They employ environmentally-friendly procedures for the disposal of removed waste materials.

Tree Felling Company

11 Advantages of Tree Felling Services in South Africa.

  1. Certified professionals carry out all tree felling tasks, ensuring efficient and safe removal of trees.
  2. High-quality service from local tree fellers can prevent damage or accidents on your property.
  3. Availability of emergency tree felling services for effective handling of sudden tree-related issues like storm damage.
  4. Tree felling improves the visual appeal of a property by eliminating unsightly or obstructive trees.
  5. Health assessment and maintenance of trees keep them healthy and contribute to the overall environment.
  6. Compliance with South African laws regarding the preservation and removal of certain species is ensured by professional services.
  7. It offers peace of mind as liability insurance protects against potential damages during the tree felling process.
  8. The availability of extensive services such as stump grinding, palm tree maintenance, hedge trimming, and more to enhance your landscape’s beauty.
  9. Professional arborists provide valuable advice on maintaining your yard’s greenery effectively after the removal process.
  10. Tree felling also aids in preventing accidents caused by falling branches or fully grown trees during storms or high winds.
  11. Proper clearance and disposal of fallen trees or debris following an efficient logging service by professional firms ensure a clean space post-service.

Compare DIY to Hiring Professional Tree Fellers Near me

DIY Tree Felling Professional Tree Felling
Insurance No insurance coverage for potential damages. Professional tree fellers have insurance to protect against potential damages.
Fallen Tree Removal DIY tree removal is possible if you have the right tools, but can be dangerous without proper training. It is recommended to call a fallen tree removal service for safe removal of fallen trees.
Expertise You would need to acquire expertise in removing tree roots, which may be difficult without proper training. A tree root removal service has the expertise required to remove tree roots safely and successfully.
Availability Depends on your own schedule and availability. Professional tree felling companies are available nationwide, including Centurion where there are 10 highly rated professionals.
Cost Initial costs may be lower, but potential for higher costs due to damage or errors. Tree felling prices can range from R850 to R8500, depending on the job type.

Tree Felling Near Me

Tree Services in South Africa provided by skilled tree fellers:

Skilled tree fellers in South Africa offer a range of tree services, including

  • Expert residential and commercial tree felling
  • Professional emergency tree felling
  • Expert full tree removals
  • Professional tree cutting
  • Expert precise tree trimming
  • Careful tree pruning
  • Local stump grinding and removal
  • Expert palm tree and hedge maintenance

Tree Felling Services Throughout South Africa

Residential Tree Felling in various parts of South Africa.

Residential tree felling is a crucial service in various parts of South Africa. Homeowners rely on these services to clear overgrown trees threatening property or obstructing the view.

Tree Felling Professionals meticulously perform this task, ensuring the safety of everyone involved and minimizing damage to the environment.

  • In cities like Johannesburg and Pretoria, residential tree felling services are quite popular due to high demand from suburban neighbourhoods.

These skilled workers not only remove unwanted trees but also offer other essential services such as stump grinding, palm tree maintenance and root removals.

  • The cost for such vital services can vary based on factors like size and location but remains affordable for most residents seeking professional help with their greeneries.

South African professionals conduct risk assessments before embarking on any project to minimize hazards like electrocution from power lines that may occur during the process.

This careful planning and execution have made Residential Tree Felling Services an integral part of maintaining beautiful landscapes across South Africa’s diverse regions.

Commercial Tree Felling


Commercial Tree Felling is available nationwide

Commercial Tree Felling services stretch across the length and breadth of South Africa, offering a nationwide solution to businesses in need.

  • Skilled tree fellers tackle hefty projects with precision and professionalism, ensuring that your commercial needs are prioritized.

This dedicated service works tirelessly to ensure that trees are cut, removed or trimmed according to local regulations and safety standards.

  • Whether an urban office park or a rural agricultural farm, no place is too remote for our expert team who will arrive promptly at any location across the country.

Therefore when you choose us as your preferred provider for commercial tree felling services nationwide, rest assured you’re selecting efficiency blended with skillful execution.

Emergency Tree Felling

Emergency Tree Felling services when you need them the most.

Emergency tree felling services are vital, especially during unexpected events such as storms.

  • South Africa’s top-rated companies provide these urgent measures to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of your property.

With their skilful professionals, they act immediately in response to storm damage or other emergencies requiring instant attention.

Reaching out for professional help is crucial during these unforeseen circumstances. From Pretoria to Cape Town, Johannesburg and beyond, skilled tree fellers in almost every city across South Africa are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

  • Their highly trained team guarantees safe and efficient emergency tree removal while respecting your property’s landscape.

Tree Removals

Full Tree Removals in all regions of South Africa.

From the towering blue gums of Gauteng to the ancient baobabs in Limpopo, our network of skilled tree fellers provides full tree removal services across all regions of South Africa.

  • Equipped with cutting-edge equipment and stringent safety measures, they ensure a swift and efficient process without any residual damage to your property.

Whether you have a small garden in Durban or own a large farmland in Cape Town, we cater to all residential and commercial needs.

The cost for removing small to medium-sized trees typically ranges between R850 – R3,000 whilst larger trees might range from R3,000 – R8,500.

  • Thus offering convenient and affordable solutions for maintaining a healthy environment around your properties!

Tree Cutting

Professional Tree Cutting services

Professional tree cutting services in South Africa are provided by skilled tree fellers. These experts use the right tools and techniques to ensure that trees are cut down safely and efficiently.

With their expertise, they can handle all types of trees, whether small or large.

  • By opting for professional tree cutting services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trees will be removed without causing any damage to surrounding structures or landscapes.

Additionally, these services offer affordable prices, making it a cost-effective solution for tree removal needs.

  • So, if you have trees that need to be cut down, hiring professional tree fellers is the way to go.

Tree Trimming

Precise Tree Trimming for a tidy yard.

Our skilled tree fellers provide precise tree trimming services to keep your yard looking tidy and well-maintained.

  • With their expertise, they can trim your trees with accuracy, ensuring that they are shaped properly and free from any overhanging branches.

Not only does this enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard, but it also promotes the health of your trees by allowing proper airflow and sunlight penetration.

  • So you can enjoy a neat and beautiful landscape while keeping your trees in optimal condition.

Tree Pruning

Careful Tree Pruning for healthy growth.

Tree pruning is a crucial step in promoting healthy growth and maintaining the overall well-being of trees. By selectively removing specific branches or parts of a tree, careful tree pruning can enhance its health and appearance.

It helps to get rid of damaged, dead, or diseased branches, which not only improves the tree’s structure but also prevents potential hazards.

  • Understanding different types of tree pruning techniques and their benefits is essential for ensuring optimal growth and preventing issues in the future.

So, when it comes to keeping your trees healthy and thriving, proper and careful tree pruning plays a vital role.

Stump Grinding

Efficient Stump Grinding & Removal.

Professional tree cutting services in South Africa offer efficient stump grinding and removal as part of their comprehensive tree felling services.

  • Stump grinding and removal are essential to ensure the complete eradication of trees and prevent regrowth.

Skilled tree fellers have the expertise and equipment to perform precise stump grinding, effectively removing tree stumps from your property.

By hiring professionals for stump grinding and removal, you can be confident in the safe and efficient removal of tree stumps without worrying about any regrowth.

Palm Tree & Hedge Maintenance for a beautiful landscape.

Professional tree felling companies in South Africa offer comprehensive services for the maintenance and care of palm trees and hedges, ensuring a beautiful landscape.

These services include precise tree trimming to maintain their shape and appearance, careful pruning to promote healthy growth, efficient stump grinding and removal, as well as rubble removal for a clean and tidy yard.

  • Skilled tree fellers can expertly handle palm tree and root system removal if necessary.

With affordable pricing options available, you can easily maintain your palm trees and hedges to enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.

Discover Areas and Cities in South Africa where Professional Tree Felling Services are available.

Professional Tree Felling Services are available in various areas and cities across South Africa.

Service coverage across all South African Provinces by Expert Tree Fellers

Expert Tree Fellers provide their professional tree felling services across all provinces in South Africa. This means that no matter where you are located, you can access their expertise and assistance.

  • Whether you need residential tree felling or commercial tree felling, their skilled team is available to help.

They also offer emergency tree felling services, ensuring that they are there for you when you need them the most.

With comprehensive service coverage across all South African provinces, Expert Tree Fellers guarantee prompt and reliable service for all your tree cutting and removal needs.

Tree Felling Prices

Check out the Latest Tree Felling Prices for South Africa in 2023 with our comprehensive price list table.

Understanding the price range for tree felling services in South Africa can help you budget effectively

Service Average Cost Range
General Tree Felling R850 to R8500
Average Tree Felling R1000 to R3000
Small to Medium Tree Trimming Starting at R800
Large Tree Trimming Around R3000 and above
Tree Felling Prices based on Job Type Varies

Please bear in mind that these prices can change depending on factors like the size of the tree, location, and specific requirements of the job.

  • For a more accurate estimate, it is advisable to get quotes from professionals.

Local Tree Fellers

In conclusion: Local Tree Fellers offers the best value for all tree services in your area!

Local Tree Fellers provides the best value for all tree services in your area. Connect with a local specialist who can assist with cutting, trimming, and tree removal.

  • Experience the benefits of choosing a professional tree felling company near you for residential or commercial needs.

With expert services available nationwide and emergency options when you need them most, Local Tree Fellers is your top choice for precise tree care.

Say goodbye to overgrown trees and enjoy a beautiful landscape with our efficient stump grinding, palm tree maintenance, and more.

Trust your Local Tree Fellers for all your tree service needs.


1. What does tree felling mean?

Tree felling refers to the process of cutting down trees, which is typically carried out by professional tree fellers.

2. What services do tree fellers provide?

Tree fellers offer a variety of services including tree trimming, stump grinding, root and palm tree removal, and maintaining green lawns around your property.


3. Where can I find local tree felling services near me?

You can easily find local felling pros in various locations like Johannesburg, Centurion, Durban North and Pretoria East among others who offer immaculate tree felling solutions.

4. Is an emergency tree service available in my town?

Yes! Many certified large-tree-removal professionals also provide emergency services across multiple towns including Stellenbosch, Vanderbijlpark and Pietermaritzburg.

5. How much does it cost for removing or cutting down trees?

The cost for hazardous or dead-tree removal varies depending upon several factors such as location and size of the trees; reaching out to a nearby professional will give you an accurate estimate.

6. Are there safe procedures for handling a dangerous or risky Tree Felling task?

Absolutely! Professional arborists ensure highly secure safety procedures while dealing with any form of high-risk or complex tasks involving logging services or even an entire landscape clearance operation.

7. Any Other garden-related services on offer?

Yes! Many of our tree companies offer extra services