Tree trimming and pruning

Is tree trimming and pruning similar?

Many terms sound closely alike in tree care but are quite different, such as tree trimming and pruning. It can be very easy to confuse between these services when you want to get one of them. Tree pruning mostly involves cutting the dead and overgrown branches on trees to allow them to grow properly. It is a very common process, especially with commercial tree planters, as it gives you more timber in a shorter time.

Tree trimming and pruning

On the other hand, tree trimming is mostly about cutting the tips of overgrown trees to keep them on a similar level. This aspect of tree trimming and pruning is mainly concerned with trees used as hedges and fences. When you call in a tree felling professional, you have to explain the services you need.

Are these services offered under the same package?

Most tree pruning businesses will let you choose your preferred package when you get in touch with them. It contains the services they offer and the price for them. In most cases, tree trimming and pruning don’t fall under the same package as they offer different results on trees.

You can, however, include them into one and let your tree trimming expert know. Although you will have to pay a higher amount, it is more convenient, and it will ultimately be cost-effective than paying for them separately. Tree trimming and pruning are essential to the well-being of your trees, and you should always consider adding them to your tree care package.

Tree trimming and pruning

Can I do tree trimming and pruning myself?

Yes, you can complete tree trimming and pruning yourself if you have the right tools for the job. However, you should also have some experience to do it properly as otherwise, you will damage the trees. If you are a beginner, you can hire an expert and learn how to do it. This is a better and faster learning process than on your own.

Tree trimming and pruning are good for trees and, when done correctly, offer very impressive results.