Tree pruning when

Why should you know tree pruning when to do it?

Although tree pruning is an essential process in tree maintenance, many people do it incorrectly. One of the main aspects people get wrong is when to perform the pruning process. Tree pruning when is the best time to ensure you achieve the best results and your tree can grow better? These are the timelines for pruning your trees.

Tree pruning when

During spring months

Spring is a lovely and warm time of the year, making it the perfect tree pruning when period. When you prune your trees at this time, they have more time to recover. Also, since the sun is already out, they can make food and recover from pruning damage faster. Your tree will thus be back in proper shape in no time.

Pruning during spring is also very convenient as some fewer pests and diseases can infect your tree. Tree pruning when the elements are this favorable ensures the tree doesn’t get too stressed and die or termites attack the exposed parts. Of course, you can always call in a professional trimmer, and they will take you through all the benefits of pruning your tree when the weather is favorable.

Why you shouldn’t prune in winter

If your trees get overgrown during winter, you can get tempted to prune them. It is, however, not advisable for tree pruning when the temperatures are that low and sunlight intensity is low. This is because trees need the sun to make food and recover from pruning, and during the winter, this will be very challenging. It is thus not advisable for tree pruning when these conditions prevail.

Tree pruning when

Trees also need as much foliage as they can get during winter. Since the sunlight amount is low, more leaves can trap light rays better than fewer leaves. If the tree is pruned, this will be difficult, and it could even dry out and die. You can avoid this by simply not pruning your trees during the winter. These are the best times for tree pruning and will ensure you get the best from it.