Tree felling risk assessment

What is tree felling risk assessment?

Tree felling is a technical process and can get quite risky. It can get very challenging if you are a beginner and have never felled any tree. If it is a big tree, you need to perform a tree felling risk assessment. This is a process where you evaluate the state of the tree and try to find the safest way to cut it. When you perform a tree felling risk assessment properly, you don’t have to worry when going into the felling process.

Tree felling risk assessment

How is tree felling risk assessment conducted?

This process is only performed by tree felling professionals and requires technical knowledge about trees. First, you have to evaluate the stability of its roots. You can dig into the soil and observe the extent of the root penetration, and this will help you determine the best way to remove it.

You can also cut some parts of the back to measure the strength of the tree. It will help you determine the direction it will fall to once you begin cutting. You can thus prepare well and protect property from damage and people from injury. Another step of tree felling risk assessment is evaluating the branch extension on the trees.

It will let you know whether you have to prune the tree before you can begin felling it. Once you complete the tree felling risk assessment, you can evaluate the results and begin the felling process.

What are the benefits of tree felling risk assessment?

There are numerous benefits when you perform tree felling risk assessment correctly. First, you won’t experience any challenges you hadn’t prepared for. The assessment gives you an insight into everything likely to happen in the felling process, and you can plan yourself accordingly.

Tree felling risk assessment

Tree felling risk assessment also helps you mitigate any potential risks from the felling process. Since you already know the direction the tree will fall to and how long that will take, you can make proper plans. It will also come in handy when making your claims with tree-felling insurers, as you already have proof of proper preparation. Tree felling risk assessment should be conducted before you commence any project.

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