Townhouse and cluster house complexes are a lifestyle option that is growing in popularity in our cities. Ranging from fairly modest to extremely opulent, these modern-day “Villages” offer privacy and individuality with the advantages of security and the proximity of a community of neighbours. They also pose unique and specialised challenges.

Are you the owner or caretaker of a townhouse or cluster house complex, or perhaps chairperson of a residents’ association? If so, you have many duties and responsibilities to deal with on order to keep life in your complex running smoothly and conditions within its walls satisfactory and of a standard demanded by its residents.

One of the features of a residential complex is always its landscapes, individual gardens belonging to each unit as well as communal areas and gardens bordering the driveways and roads existing within the complex. Maintenance of these areas and dealing with a whole range of problems that could arise is a major area of responsibility for anyone managing a complex.


Because of the close proximity of these dwellings to one another in a complex scenario, tree management is something that has to be dealt with by experts with considerable skill. Growing trees can suddenly become a menace to roof areas or block the light in front of windows. Shedding leaves can clog up gutters and drains and create problems for swimming-pools. Root systems can develop beneath driveways and paving and cause considerable damage.

Tree Felling Johannesburg  are able to offer tree removal services that are cost-effective and comprehensive. The removal of trees is done safely and carefully and all timber and foliage are removed cleanly and completely. If it is desirable to simply trim or prune a particular tree, we bring similar skills to the safe and careful removal of branches. In an environment where residences are adjacent to each other and there is a close profusion of roofs, windows, awnings and other structures, not to mention the presence of cars and many people, the services of highly skilled professionals are essential.

We pride ourselves on working in an ongoing advisory capacity with our clients, constantly monitoring the needs of the complex and carrying out the necessary tree removal and maintenance services, keeping thoroughfares clear of overhanging foliage that could cause damage and inconvenience, and making management aware of potential problems before they become serious and costly to solve.

Call Tree Felling Johannesburg   today for a consultation. We will evaluate the tree management needs of your complex and provide a cost-effective and efficient service that will give you complete peace of mind with regard to the tree and foliage management of your complex.