Palm cutting

Why is palm cutting important?

Palm cutting is a great way to ensure your tree continues to grow well. When you have a palm tree growing in your compound, trimming the tree plays a huge role in growing. It will help remove the dead parts of the tree, and this makes it grow better. There is a special way to cut palm trees that are done by professional trimmers.

Palm cutting

Once you understand how it is done, you too can perform palm cutting correctly. First, you should know the correct places to cut the tree so that it doesn’t die. Palm trees are very sensitive, and when you cut them incorrectly, they will die.

Where is the appropriate place to cut the tree?

When you want to perform palm cutting, ensure you never cut it at the trunk level. When you perform palm cutting at this level, it will cause tree death.

The crownshaft will ensure your palm tree continues to grow even after you have cut it. A professional feller will advise that you don’t cut the tree at this level. There are various places you can perform palm cutting and ensure it keeps growing correctly.

Cutting a palm tree

First, begin cutting the palm tree from the branches. Climb to the top of the tree using a holster and identify the dead branches of the tree. These should be the first to cut as it will ensure the tree doesn’t get too consumed by pests and other diseases.

Palm cutting

You can also proceed to cut down longer branches of the tree that seem to be overgrown. These are easy to identify as they are the longest. Once you begin with these, you will get a clearer view of the tree and have an easier way to cut them. Palm cutting is a convenient process that lets you have a better appearance.