Giant tree felling

Can I conduct giant tree felling myself?

Tree felling is needed for various reasons, many of which help to boost your safety. You should first look into the size of the tree before you can try to fell it yourself. The process of giant tree felling  can get very dangerous and will require the services of a professional to complete successfully.

Giant tree felling

If you don’t have the right tools, giant tree felling can cause damage to your property and you. Licensed professionals can only operate some of these tools needed, and it is vital to ensure you get one. The tree felling process has several steps that have to be done correctly to get proper results.

Identify the right point on the tree to cut.

Before you can begin giant tree felling, you must know where you intend to cut. There are various points on the tree’s back, and you have to look for the correct one. These points have different elevations, and getting the right angle will make it simpler for your tools.

Once you identify the point to cut, mark it with something visible. It will help to guide you while you cut so that it is accurate. When you complete this process, you can now begin giant tree felling.

Ensure the tree is held in place

If you are felling a giant tree in the middle of houses, you should first ensure it is held in place well. You can use a crane for this step as it is strong enough for the giant tree felling process. This will prevent the tree from falling onto nearby buildings while you are cutting it.

Giant tree felling

Begin trimming the back with a chainsaw

You can trim the back of the tree with a chainsaw to make it easier to cut. This is a vital step in giant tree felling as it will give you room to fix the felling wedges. Once these are fixed, the stability of the tree truck will reduce, and cutting will be simpler.

These are the vital steps in giant tree felling. The process will become simpler when you follow it, and you can complete felling without causing any damages.

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